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The body of work, titled "Quotidian," is a print installation that utilizes analog processes to construct and deconstruct technological devices in photography.


The sculptural objects are light boxes that mimic a smartphone’s ability to display a digital image where the images themselves were taken using apps on a smart phone. 

However, the images are not just snapshots taken with an iPhone.  The pictures are carefully composed objects that maintain the idea of assimilation through the experience of actions, yet convey a heighten sense of visual awareness that comes from my individual experience as a working artist over the past twenty years.  The “pictures” themselves are of very banal objects or places I left in my phone, and would have no implicit meaning to anyone except for myself.  By changing the digital to an actual print and then placing them within the confines of an art space, such as the gallery, I am sharing my interests as captured in the phone’s camera in order to share in the delight, horror, or deep and profound confusion that happens within all of us, artist and audience alike.


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