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As the rivers Sava and Danube meet, and the Mississippi joins to fill the Gulf of Mexico, so do people from different points of origin. The ebb and flow of artists’ lives, when brought together, become like river waters merging together into one source feeding a wells source of creativity and life. Whether through circumstance or serendipity, inclusions of this kind, bring together the variances of culture, language and experiences into a moment of shared familiarity, friendship and affection. Materials used by print artists also take on this type of merging in that the conceptual and cultural influence of components provide an opportunity for artists to unify the seemingly disparate nature of individual experiences and materials into an aesthetic understanding.


This body of graphic work expands upon this recognition of relationships between

print materials, processes and cultures the artist has experienced as she worked with artists from all over the world. The circle as the manifestation of the material is the idea of inclusion and visual harmony. It is also an homage to the ever present circular structures from her travels: from the circular windows of airplanes, the repeating heads going in and out of the underground in Glasgow, looking upon the Olmec heads in Mexico, to the beaming lights bursting through the windows of the Turkish bath in Visegrad. The dynamism between the positive and negative space and circular shapes within the prints, reflect the artist’s considerations about her own place within this juxtaposition of nostalgia and the wanderlust for more interactions. 

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